Next Cheer Generation – Polish Cheerleaders

NEXT CHEER Generation is a professional cheerleaders group from Cracow,
which combines dancing and acrobatics during its performances.

NEXT CHEER Generation  is one of the fastest growing cheerleading teams in                                    Download our Presentation (click here)
Poland. It is comprised of dancers aged 18 and above specialised in various dance prezentacja eng
types, finalists of European Sports Aerobics Championships and Polish Sports
Gymnastics Championships.

We are the most versatile group of this kind in Małopolska region, we have
performed at different types of sport events including basketball, volleyball,
handball, American football, lacrosse, marathons and judo events.

The group performed during the biggest sport events in Poland
for more than 15.000 spectators

– Eurobasket Women 2017 !!! in Czech Republic

-Grand Finale of Gortat Camp in Tauron Arena Cracow (2014, 2015, 2016)

– XII and XIV Memorial of Hubert Jerzy Wagner (2014, 2016, 2017)

– 2015 All Star Basketball Game in Lublin

– 2015 Polish Lacrosse Finals

– 2015  Uniformed Services World Championship Finals

– Inauguration of the 2015/2016 Polish Ekstraklasa League Season at Wisła Kraków’s Stadium

– Cracovia Maraton 2015, 2016, 2017

2p8b4517aaCracow’s cheerleader group would be a great addition to any type of a sport event. Our dancers can also act as hostesses.

The performance repertoire is broad and features numerous costume changes, dynamics and lots of energy. The group always tries to engage with the audience.

Each performance is thoroughly planned while the selection of the choreography and costumes is adjusted to the nature of the event and the organiser’s requirements. During matches we use professional  American pompoms.


The group can perform with 4-18 dancers.

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We are the only cheerleading group in Poland which use Samba Tails




We also can create choreography customised to organiser’s special orders in specific nature or to specific music. The Opening Ceremony of the 2015 All Star Basketball Game in Lublin is a good example – the entire group performed with veils to live music. A video from this performance can be found in the “FILMY” section ..11178197_886001834781014_2840635757674923238_n

The performances of the group are rich in acrobatics typical for American cheerleading – stunts and basket tosses. In 2014 the group won
the Cheerleaders Champion of Poland title in Mix Stunt Senior acrobatics category. NEXT CHEER Generation is the most acrobatically advanced group in Poland.




NEXT CHEER Generation is one of the few groups that features videos with full choreographies on its website which allows you to see the synchronisation and expression in dancing without cuts. All videos are available at in the “FILMY” section (click here)



The coach, Małgorzata Wrońska, is responsible for the high level of the group. She is the only Polish certified cheerleaders coach with formal qualifications issued by the International Cheer Union, a European-level cheerleading referee, certified by European Cheer Union, 2013 Polish Cheerleaders Champion, founder of the cheerleading training institution – Cheer Project.   12496467_1543370985982629_1157750502701277351_o (1)

Contact us via e-mail  or call us +48 887782420